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Estelle Asmodelle in Mozaïk

Featured in Mozaïk Magazine

My art appeared on the cover of the French Arts Magazine “Mozaïk,” while the feature on me and my work appears on page 104. Estelle Asmodelle artworks and biography is Featured in Mozaïk Magazine Number 3, and is available online for viewing.

Light Art Project by Estelle Asmodelle

Light Art Project

I am just about to release Stage 1 of my ‘Light Art Project’ which is a series of paintings on high quality Lumisheet LED panels as permanent artworks. Stage 1 is comprised on three 122 cm by 122 cm panels with the artwork on Plexiglass mounted onto the panel. All my light art have Japanese …

Vogue Germany Estelle Asmodelle

Featured on Vogue Germany

I was invited by Vogue Germany to comment on art in the world of Covid as a part of any article comprising 13 other artists. The translation here is as follows: “I think the art world will look very different in the future. The coronavirus has brought more people to the internet. There seems to …

The Other Art Fair - abstract expressionism by Estelle Asmodelle

The Other Art Fair

Well from the 18th-22nd of March was the Other Art Fair Sydney, which I was exhibiting at. The fair was well organised but to be honest, I am not one for fairs but prefer exhibitions. Apparently, it is notoriously difficult to be accepted and over 1000 artists apply each year, although I was accepted and …

Estelle Asmodelle's Art Studio

New Studio in Wyoming NSW

As of 20th Janurary 2021 I will have a new studio in Wyoming NSW, at the Mouse House. It is a workspace facility, while my studio compises 64 square meters. This is a great space for me to painting those very large abstract artworks that I so often do. Also in the past people have …


Selected for the Other Art Fair

I’ve been selected to show my work at The Other Art Fair – Sydney, on the 18th – 21st MARCH 2021. The Art Fair is at The Cutaway at Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney, Australia. So I hope some people will visit me there. I will have a 7-meter stall so many artworks can be viewed in …