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Publicity of Estelle Asmodelle

Estelle’s Publicity

This is a select list of publicity about Estelle Asmodelle’s creative pursuits. In particular her abstract expressionism artworks. These are all feature articles. MOZAIK Arts & Culture magazine, France and Reunion, September 2021. New York Glamour Magazine, August 2021. Artistonish Magazine, Jun 2021. Vogue Germany Magazine, May 2021. Xquissive Magazine, April 2021. Corporate Art Catalogue, …

Art websites with Estelle Asmodelle's work

Art Websites

Here you will find other Art websites where you can get Estelle Asmodelle’s abstract expressionism artworks. However, please note that buyer from these retailers you will pay to ship, only on this personal website can you buy the artworks with free shipping worldwide. Bluethumb Estelle’s Bluethumb profile also has many abstract expressionism artworks. This is …

Asmodelle resume

Estelle’s Resume

The Estelle Asmodelle Resume is only a short list of the main aspects of Estelle’s varied career, while many are left out, for during 40 years of painting there is too much to squash into a web page. The Estelle Asmodelle Resume sometimes will need updating as she is involved in shows all the time, and so more …

Artbooks by Estelle Asmodelle

Estelle’s Artbooks

Estelle Asmodelle’s Artbooks are retrospectives of different periods of her art career, showing different artworks in different countries and the influences that inspired such art. Transience: The Art of Estelle Asmodelle The first of Estelle’s Art Books is ‘Transience:” is an exploration into Estelle Asmodelle’s neo-abstract expressionism and a journey into the perception of form …

Estelle Asmodelle's art career

Estelle Asmodelle’s art career

Estelle Asmodelle’s art career has spanned many decades and many countries, yet my style has remained the same. My abstract expressionism work has evolved as a result of all the influences in my life. I have been painting all my life. I grew up as a small child painting with my mother from the age …

New Abstract Expressionism by Estelle Asmodelle

New Abstract Expressionism!

“Estelle loves to paint Neo Abstract Expressionism emotional pieces, that beckon the inner part of ourselves. She believes longing and desires that we hold are just under the surface can be released easily using abstraction. It is not what is seen in art but in ourselves, that is art’s greatest gift.” New Abstract Expressionism Estelle …