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NFTs - Estelle Asmodelle
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NFTs – A bad choice for the planet

Everyone is getting excited about Non-Fungible-Tokens or NFTs. I thought I would share my personal story and view on this topic, with an intro about my experience with blockchain technology. I first discovered them with Crytokitties in late 2017. However, the first attempts at NFTs were in the 2012–2013 Colored Coin era. I really thought …

Abstract Expressionism Artist by Estelle Asmodelle
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Abstract Expressionism Artists

Abstract Expressionism Artists. Here is a list of my favourite abstract expressionism artists, while the list is not comprehensive by any means. However, it does list my most significant influences. Jackson Pollock was the most significant and influential American painter in the abstract expressionist movement. He was well known for his unique style of drip …

Abstractionist by Estelle Asmodelle
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The abstractionist painting was born in Russia in the early twentieth century. The precursor of abstraction in painting was Wassily Kandinsky, however, the very notion of abstraction in art, and not only in art accompanied people since forever.