Abstract Artist Estelle Asmodelle
Abstract Artist Estelle Asmodelle

“Estelle loves to paint emotional pieces, that beckon the inner part of ourselves. She believes longing and desires that we hold are just under the surface can be released easily using abstraction. It is not what is seen in art but in ourselves, that is art’s greatest gift.”

Estelle believes that abstract expressionism is undergoing a profound renaissance and so she refers to her contribution as Neo Abstract Expressionism. Neo Abstract expressionism artworks by Estelle Asmodelle are available for purchase on this website, with FREE SHIPPING worldwide!

Japan and the world

Estelle lived in Japan, for five years, and exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum as part of the UNESCO International Friendship Exhibition in 1991. She also started the Tokyo Eki (train station) Exhibition, displaying and selling work in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Tokyo. Since then she was also involved in group shows in Los Angeles, San Jose, and La Jolla. Some of her work has also been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London.


Back in Australia, she continued to exhibit and ran solo shows at Gig Gallery, Artemis Gallery, Global Gallery and dozens of other small to medium galleries in  Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and regional areas. She was also part of Melbourne Art and Brisbane Art. Additionally, she was also part of the Redfern Artist’s Group and other groups with over 100 group exhibitions throughout Australia and New Zealand. These days Estelle lives and works on the Central Coast of NSW and travels often.

Other Providers

There are several major art websites that also sell my art, and so I am happy for you to purchase my art on those sites as well. There are dozens of places you may order a work but my two favourite ones are, ArtFinder for international customers or BlueThumb for Australian ones.BT


Usually, Estelle’s works are larger canvases, while at other times some smaller works are on paper or cotton. Works are often inspired by hypnagogic states (the state between being awake and asleep) and take non-conventional forms that are designed to challenge artistic symbolism and archetypes. Estelle believes abstraction makes art truly personal subjective experience, and as there are no conventional forms or structures the viewer’s image is personal and unique.


Estelle has won dozens of awards for her art and designs, the most recent being, Honorary Mention in the US with two exhibitions. The first is the Grey Cube Gallery in their show “Colors 2020.” The next is the J. Mane Gallery also US-based. She was also a finalist in the Allied Artists of America Juried Selection for their 107th Annual Exhibition. Also, she was Winner at the Artavita International 2019 & 2018. Lastly, Estelle’s work was selected for exhibition in Bougie Art Gallery in Ontario, Canada and also the Envision Arts in Dallas Texas. There are dozens of other awards over the years but these are the most recent significant ones.

Furthermore, Estelle participates in many international art prizes and exhibitions each year, some of these are The Sulman, The Wynn, The Luxembourg Art Prize and the London Biennale, just to name a couple.

Please check out the online store. Also, read more about Estelle Asmodelle on Wikipedia.

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